You will find here links and references about published books I worked on.

Trece días para arreglar a papá - Portada - miniature

Trece días para arreglar a papá (Spanish)

Middle Grade

Publisher: Ediciones Diquesí (Spain)

Zir is a crystal boy, but he lives with flesh people. One day he discovers his father broken and, from that moment, he is determined to go to the crystal-people´s world with his best friend Jaya in order to find the way to fix his father.

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El dragón lector y sus amigos (Spanish)

Leveled readers

Publisher: Bruño, Grupo Anaya (Spain)

Once upon a time, there was a blue dragon named Leo who always carried a book under his arm. And that dragon had a dream: to found a line of reading dragons that would bring the best stories to children like you. Do you want to know if that dream came true? Open this book and you will find out. Compilation of almost fifty stories starring wonderful and funny dragons that will thrill you.