Pencil selfportrait

Alejandra Díaz Bouza was born in Ferrol, Galicia (northern Spain), on a summer day in 1985.

She became a voracious reader of books and manga, an insatiable moviegoer, from a very young age. From her first set of pencils and sketchbook she built a hideaway for creating stories. She’d often look up at the stars and see sketches, stories and legends —some timeless and universal, others waiting to be told —that sparked her interest in astronomy and the decision to study a bachelor’s degree in physics while training as a storyteller. 

After completing her undergraduate studies in physics, she moved to Madrid to pursue studies in graphic design, drawing and illustration, and creative writing.

Alejandra became involved in various projects related to promoting reading and illustration events, where she finally found the SCBWI (Society of Children´s Books Writers and Illustrators of Spain). She went from volunteer for the association to Regional Advisor of the Spanish region. Currently she is also a volunteer and member of MÍA society (Mujeres en la Industria de la Animación or Women in the Animation Industry, Spain).

She published her first middle grade book, “Trece días para arreglar a papá”, in December 2019. She works as a freelance illustrator since then.