Letter to the Three Wise Men

This year I would like to share with you my Letter to The Three Wise Men with a list of all the gifts that I would like to ask them for this year.

I think it is a very special list because it is full of products and projects made by artisans and artists that I follow and admire for everything they do as creators.

I know that the list is huge and I am very aware that it is not possible for them to bring me everything, but I was very excited to write it and write down each of the gifts that I am going to show you.

This illusion I have is due, perhaps in part, to the fact that deep down it is not a letter just for me, but one that I hope you can share. And, of course, if in this list of mine you find something that you want to add to yours, I hope you still have time.

I wish you a magical night!

Allen Williams

Allen is an illustrator, concept artist, and author. His illustrations born of the everyday are distorted in his imagination, preserving a realistic, disturbing and fantasy aesthetic.

Clara Cerviño

Clara is a biologist and scientific illustrator, and is a teacher in illustraciencia workshops and courses (now online!). I adore his latest collection of Galician lighthouse illustrations!

Marta Altés

Marta is an illustrator and author. I love her illustrations and stories that are expressive and with that touch so cute and wild at the same time.

Marcos Viso

Marcos is an illustrator and book creator. His wonderful illustrations, with carefree graphics, tell stories through games and metaphors.

Marta Sarmiento

Marta’s art is full of nature and magic, fairies and goblins, witches and things typical of the world of wonder.


Marga makes contemporary jewelry. Her designs are original and unique. She has her small shop-workshop in Barcelona, ​​where you will find her working on projects that, sometimes, are also magical.

Medusa Dollmaker

Asunción is an illustrator, lover of retro art, and with an unmistakable graphics. You can find her witch-aesthetic and folklore products in her store Folktales Market.

Adolfo Serra

Adolfo is an editorial illustrator and teacher in two wonderful courses that you can find in Doméstika: Introduction to children’s illustration and Illustration techniques to unlock your creativity.

Nuria Díaz

Nuria is an editorial, advertising and product illustrator. Her illustration is simple and communicative, and what I like the most about her are her color palettes.

Eli Basanta

Eli is a multidisciplinary artist. Nature and organic forms characterize her illustration of romantic and colorful inspiration. I love the style and elegance of her illustrated products.

Ester García

Ester is an illustrator and all her art is full of nature. I am in love with her work since its inception. Enjoying a book illustrated by her is a real joy.

Unai Zoco

Unai is an illustrator and I declare myself a fan of his drawings and illustrations. And of all the products he makes with them!

Marina Seoane

Marina is an illustrator and artisan. I have admired her illustrations since I was a child. She works the ceramics to create jewels, tapestries and some teapots that are wonderful. She also makes some marionettes that are a crazy thing!

Carla Alfaia

The pieces of Galician goldsmith that she makes are unique. The earrings and toads are some of the most beautiful and traditional jewels that I have seen.

Fuego Fatuo

Álvaro is a magizoologist. He finds magical creatures, or rather they find him, adopt them, study them and teach us to deal with them. I’ve been thinking about adopting a unicorn and a pegasus, I haven’t even known since when!


Nabila models some beautiful seed-shaped figures that you fall in love with and you urgently need to adopt and take home with you. I am in love with these chestnut seeds.

Bunnies in the Sky

I love the tiny, almost tiny, pieces of polymer clay from Patrick in the kawai style. I encourage you to imagine how beautiful any personalized order that you ask for would be.


Tania’s custom chubbies are gorgeous. She creates collections of them based on movies, animation series, sagas … She has even dared to do some commissions that are to die for. With each new model she makes, you don’t know which one to decide on, and that’s how time passes and I without my wrist.

El Costurero Real

There is no magician who does not want to acquire a medieval cut cape or a fantasy hat made by hand with the quality as wonderful as that offered in this store so recommended in the fantastic and steampunk community.

Brown and Lobban

I think there is no better place to order your personalized wooden magic wand than here. The work of this craftsman (proud Hufflepuff) of wood results in wands that enhance the magic of the most experienced magician. Simply amazing.

Geek and Freak

This jewelry inspired by series, video games and movies awakens my geek side. To think that I can carry the power of the Silver Crystal with me with a pendant like this is to be hopelessly desired.

Tomás Hijo

Tomás is an illustrator of gouge and linocut, printing press and engraving paper. His designs take us into a world of fantasy, magic and mythology. His illustrations based on Tolkien’s work blow me away and his bookplates are a crazy thing.


Their amigurumi dolls are irresistible. I think I still remember the first creature that should have come with me from the fair I met them: a Pika-Cthulhu who stole my heart.

Desquiciados Sc

The lords of Villaoscura are experts in dark crafts. One of the products that I am most passionate about are the papier-mâché dolls in the shape of lost, forgotten or simply out of this world children. That’s why they attract me so much.

Cory Godbey

Fantasy illustrator with a world of inspiration that is completely close and familiar to me. I love his job. His latest publication, Visions of Whense, is a collection of sketchbooks that I would love to have on the shelf now.

Iris Compiet

Iris Compiet is an illustrator of fairies and fantasy creatures. I fell in love with her drawings as soon as I saw them. Her fairy book: Fairies of the Faultlines, field notebook style has been a success. I could not acquire it when it was launched by crowdfunding campaign, that’s why I put it on my wish list.

Tony DiTerlizzi

Illustrator of the worlds of Spiderwick. His drawings have the power to make you believe everything they convey in a magical way. It is without a doubt one of my references. His latest book, The Broken Ornament, is a very sweet story set around Christmas time and full of reindeer and elves.

William Joyce

Illustrator and writer. Creator of the Guardians of Childhood saga. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a literature conference when I was already a huge fan of Jack Frost. He has released his latest book with Jack Frost as the protagonist. I can’t wait any longer to get my hands on it!

Emily Hare

Fantasy and folklore artist. I love her watercolor illustrations. She recently published a witch book called Cauldron, which has me spellbound..

Nathan Fowkes

This artist is internationally known for his work as a conceptual landscaper in animated motion pictures. His landscapes made in watercolor and gouache are a very powerful influence on my work since I follow his online courses. You can imagine how much I wish I had one of his originals.


It is an online art school that offers courses through its web platform. Bobby Chiu, its founder, organizes face-to-face courses throughout the world with the school’s teachers and professional artists. This year I want to go to one of your workshops in Europe, without fail.

Artista 24/7

Paola and Osiris are enterprising artists with a community building project around professional art and crafts. They have a very cool podcast, which I listen to all the time, and an Etsy course that I am dying to do to give my brand a push on this sales platform.